Today I failed
Failed to help where I saw need
The old man
The homeless man
Who needed my good deed
It was not that I lacked compassion
Or that I did not see
I wanted to help
But a social barrier
Formed a bar
If I offered him the food
Food I could not eat
For guilt of him
For we all have enough sin
And was not plight
the insult
And assumption
Maybe shouting
Fear of being called unkind
It has happened before
And I am not brace
Not today
Shy to a pain
But today I failed to be me
Today I let societal norms
consume my nature
And for fear of offending someone not in need
I passed on by someone who could have been in need
It has finally happened
I failed to survive
Middle class values
Have me zombiefied

Posted: Saturday, April 28th, 2018 @ 9:54 am
Categories: Poems.
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