Windy Gloucestershire

You took me Gloucester City
On a windy day
And I stood in awe
And how I did sway
For above my head
Flying high in the sky
Whirling black clouds
Like ink drops in my eyes
A shoal of birds was there
Swarming in the air
In Gloucester city On that windy day


We went to a county park
On that windy day
And we took all sorts of things along to play
We sent the kite up high
Into the turbid sky
And oh boy did it fly!
And our daughters hair
Was streaming out hehind
As an iron fort we went off to find
You walk the Cotswold Hills
On that windy day
Drinking in the smell
Of the storm upon its way
Photos you did take
Of stones in stormlight bathed
You looked so right
Drinking in the sight


Oh Gloucestershire is wild
On those windy days
When scarves and coats of colours blaze
It has the ancient sights
For the wind to sing
Witches Tumps of old bone to cling
Ships upon the landlocked dock
Where the care for a cannon
That the egg did Rock!

Art and crafts are there
At a blustary village faire
Deer roast on the common
Rain lashed and sodden
Windy Gloucestershire
You’ve stole our hearts away
And so instead of moving
We would like to stay


Posted: Monday, February 7th, 2022 @ 9:41 am
Categories: Gloucestershire, Poems, Songs.
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