Within and Without Finished!

So for years now I have been working on an album Within and Without – it is a mix of poetry, music and art. The small is within the big and big within the small and as our society swirls in interlocking patterns so what is without is within and what’s within can change what is without.

It has taken rather longer than I was expecting as in I thought I would be releasing a double album in 2010 – I suppose that’s what getting pregnant does for us sick bods!

This is not a double album, it is a single, there is more to come but considering how long it has taken to get this far you maybe waiting a while especailly as it now contains film as well!

What you are getting though is something the length of a traditional album with extra content when you pay for the download. And artwork carefully selected for each piece.

Launch will be a virtual party on the Internets – so here, FB, Twitter, Google+ and anywhere else I can think of!

Of course I’ll be giving away freebies too!

Date of this will be 4-6 of November 🙂

Posted: Saturday, October 29th, 2016 @ 12:27 pm
Categories: Festivals and Events, Merchandise, Poetry Collections, Songs.
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