Christmas Fayre :)

Just a reminder that I have a few things for sale this festive season!

Starting with Love: A Stranger Dream which is a non-linear visual poem on identity presented as a colouring book.


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Then there is the audio which you can listen to for free or by the poetry-art album Within and Without which includes A Stranger Dream as part of it.

There is also the my children’s Christmas Collection, which includes the audio to The Little Book of Festive Poetry, Percival’s Christmas Wish and the song It’s Christmas Time. If you opt to pay for downloads then there are extra bonus stuff for both albums and download is included with any merch purchase.

If you would like to buy zines and special edition books then there is my etsy shop where you can find poetry cards and art prints as well as some of the craft things I make. Christmas specifics include The Little Book of Festive Poetry and Winter’s Bloom as well as activity and colouring as spiral bound booklets.

For those interested in things like the Star Jar stories and book art I am doing a series of craft fairs but these events are last minute booking so keep an eye on my Facebook Page and my twitter feed @Saffy.

Apart from all of this there are a couple of poetry readings coming up and work being done on various poetry collections etc… 🙂

Posted: Thursday, December 1st, 2016 @ 4:03 pm
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