Suggested Festive Readings :)

Disclaimer – I know all the authors/poets involved in these books – this is how I found the books.

The imagery in Bethany’s work is amazingly vivid and often stark and hard hitting. Her stuff can be emotionally hard going but very worth it.

Basilisk Soup and Other Fantasies is the long awaited collection of my friend Olly Smith, his stories and poetry are often other worldly and dark in premise.

Clive Oseman has been doing the British slam and poetry circuit recently, blasting us with diverse pieces about real life. He is currently in launching his new book Happy which is also on sale through Waterstones.

Jacqueline Watts new collection Years Ago You Coloured Me is well worth a read as are her other works which you can find via her website. Cats and Other Myths is a favourite in our household.

2016 has been one hell of a year, one in which I have watched the long shadow of fascism rise and felt increasingly that the world needs poems on politics and the environment and the other – this collection encapsulates that. It also contains the amazing Anna Saunders who’s poetry always leaves chills and imagery locked in the mind, she is also the lady who set me so firmly on the road to becoming a poet.

Posted: Wednesday, December 7th, 2016 @ 10:14 am
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