Things To Which I Cling

Things to which I cling
Stuff which I need
Too many lights
In the night
At Christmas
As colours drenched the home
Because when you have no reason for hope
Hope is all you have

These things to which I cling
Too much stodge
Cheap but at a cost
I’ve paid for it so I’ll eat it
And it’ll get me through
Along with late nights of games
And shouting at each other
For monotonies blanket
Means only extremes can be felt

Such things to which I cling
Not virtues nor vice
But survival for so long
That their absence hurts and
renders a panic

Things to which I cling
Instant coffee and multi buys
Tat and clutter
A net a web of safety
snared, entrapped – enshrined

Do not judge
What you do not know
How junk TV
And binge console play
dim the hunger
And white lightning is cheaper
than ingredients for a sandwich
And the temptation
Not to stress – to not think
To laugh too hard
And pretend you are not a worn thing
By the daily grind
Like you don’t know the fear
Of industrial kills
Or the fact they never pay
And jobs where you don’t work late
or through your lunch
Are a dream of the aspired

Things to which I cling…
One day….
It wont be me…

And then – it’s the ingrained tendency
The coping mechanisms that lingers
Leaving a stain
Echos of strain
That left scars
And knotts
In me…

What of me?

I cling.

Posted: Wednesday, November 25th, 2020 @ 10:58 am
Categories: Poems, Political.
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