A few years ago I came across a rather novel publishing company – at the time crowd sourcing was still a relatively new thing. I was working at a music festival running workshops when my little girl spotted something of interest elsewhere on the festival grounds.

It turned out to be the QI Elves, we had seen them the year previously at the festival but as a small little aside in one of the bars with basically quiz machine games. This was different.

We all beat the QI elves with our questions/answers and won ourselves badged and I got an autographed photo. I can’t remember if it was that year or the next that they were sharing a tent with Unbound?

There were a series of author talks as well as the QI elves and lots of fun optical illusion stuff etc… to be honest I can’t remember which year was which nor which festival it was!

But we signed up to the crowd-sourced and funded publisher Unbound and got lots of badges.

Subsequent years we bought books, and saw Robert Llewellyn who does many things including writing books though obviously most people know his TV career. They have brought me poets and writers and the QI elves and I have watched the various projected get funding… or not. My husband has help celebs (ok well Alan Davis) find the right bit of the festival for their talks and I’ve asked lots of questions I would not have had the oppurtunity to do other wise.

Basically you vote by making a money pledge which gets refunded to you if the project you are backing fails. There are different reward tiers and it works really well for books that would never be considered by traditional publishers but need that little bit extra than most self publishers could manage.

So yeah we love this project and I thought I would just bring it to peoples attention 🙂


Posted: Friday, April 7th, 2017 @ 11:06 am
Categories: Festivals and Events, Reviews.
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