Christmas and Winter and Poetry and Stuff

It is pretty much mid winter here in the northern hemisphere, we are shrouded in darkness for most of the day with murky reprieves.

I’ve been writing a little bit here and a little bit there, Christmas tends to bring out two types of poetry in me – kids and dark introspective stuff. This is not surprising, it is also the time I get lots of story ideas – in a similar vein.

Winter can be an extremely productive time… if I can keep momentum and motivation going. The summer I am here there and everywhere with events and looking after allotments and animals and kids etc… winter I am holed up in the house a lot of the time.

So there is plenty of time to write… Christmas I find no problem with even though the time is family time and is generally playing with the kids or watching films or zooming off to meet various family and friends. I get loads of ideas especially for the kids and will dash something off on my phone.

But it is this time… the after time, when there is not the lights and colours and distractions of Christmas but the weather is bitter or damp and you just want to sleep until spring. This is actually when for me there is the most time to do writing – it is also the time when I find writing hard.

Therefore I focus on writing challenges – I use these, all and any to galvanise myself into action, to give myself a purpose in the grey gloom of not yet spring.

It works for me.

Posted: Sunday, January 15th, 2017 @ 3:31 pm
Categories: About Poetry, Writing Challenges.
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