Christmas Activity Booklet

Christmas Activity Booklet by Sarah Snell-Pym

I have created this Christmas Activity Booklet, they are all made at home by me and my husband – rock on printer and binding machine!!!

It contains a craft activity tutorial, festive poetry, colouring in, a story and a puzzle. It is one of a series of booklets I am creating at the moment including colouring in and Science, this one is getting a mention here as it contains poetry 🙂

I have created all the visuals and written word for it though Alaric has had to help mightily with the layout and editing. Currently these are not up for internet sale as they are for events I go to in person but next year they probably will be up in my etsy shop 🙂

Posted: Wednesday, December 21st, 2016 @ 10:14 am
Categories: Festivals and Events, Festive, Kids, Zines.
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