A Quick Look Back 2016

I had meant to submit poetry this year – I kind of didn’t but I did take part in The Cheltenham Poetry Festival, Swindon Literature Festival, Wychwood Music Festival, Cornbury Music Festival, Science Show Off, Horoscope Disco, Bristol Mini Makers Faire, the Cheltenham Literature Festival, the Saffron Waldon Maze Festival, the Wilson Gallery’s events. There were more I think but those are the ones I can name straight off! At them I read/performed, run workshops and compared.

I also ran creativity and writing drives through out the year and launched Love: A Stranger Dream as well as producing several zines and booklets.

I discovered more local poetry events near my home and turned down many more things than I went to. I would like to do more but with two school aged children and health issues that can be tricky so I am happy to have done the amount I have 🙂

Besides that is almost a big event every month!

I would like to get Love: A Stranger Dream into the book shops I probably should have organised that but kind of ended up busy with acting and other things 🙂

Other things I did… I produced a short film for Love: A Stranger Dream and a little vid for The Winter’s Heart and launched Within and Without.

So I am proud of what I have achieved poetically in 2016 – I know that it is not the conventional way of doing things but it is getting there – now to see if I can actually afford my Poetry Society membership renewal as I believe that is coming up next year!

Posted: Wednesday, December 28th, 2016 @ 10:24 am
Categories: A Stranger Dream, Festivals and Events.
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