You know you
Or think you do
With your pirated response
Ignoring all
Potential hazards
And leaving it all to chance
By combination
And unending obession
You think it’s the very concept
Of intelligence
But you escape the foresight
That you are not always
That you never
Set out to do anything good
Not in any given hour
And so you die slowely
By inches
Until you slid into
Forgotten corners
With just yourself for company
Getting restless
As there is no room
You have out grown yourself
This must be error
But you learnt it from the parental
The heritage principle
It is anything but simple
Because now there is no force
That you can use
To change
It is all outside of your control
So sit back
There is a proper dress code
For you
And your existential limbs
At the root of existence
Where you live
Within the heart of blood
A volcano wrestling with itself
To somehow leave
Lasting greatness

Posted: Monday, July 6th, 2020 @ 9:57 am
Categories: Poems, Within and Without.
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