The Tower

There was a tower
within the tower
fractal within
Models without
Nested ideas
Realities bloom
Stars seen
Astronomy folly
Lonely on the hill
Pregnant with itself
Do you
Paint, drawn, write

There was a tower
within a tower
Modelled in the tower
and so on and on
Outside a sheep bleats
And the lightning conductor
Numbers and stitch
Craft and design
Inovations rule
Old and new

The tower
within the tower
Is a little worse for wear
So is the viewer
And the within is without
Fractal nature
Learning at school
Will the tower
within the tower
Grow some day?
New Follies
Old follies
Seemed like
A good idea

The Tower
There are never really
bad ideas
Just different to the plan
A universe
Not bounded
Though it often seems
That way
A tower within
And one
One without

Posted: Saturday, January 9th, 2021 @ 12:12 pm
Categories: From Art, Poems, The Sight.
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