Strong and Stable

Conservative billboard behind a strong and stable fence

I can’t help but see it as a metaphor The Billboards and the when and where they are Buses and vans with adverts on Placed just so, by the so and sos

Strong and stable blew over in the wind Blocked the roads Congesting the arteries of commerce Is it ironic or perverse?

Strong and stable behind gleaming bars The rich hiding within high security yards Tyrannical with an iron fist Lock it all down…

Drown the the questions With a filibuster or two

A nations of many But only hope for the few

It will certainly be strong and stable Strong and stable fences But not walls No of course we don’t do walls We are British and that’s… an American thing.

And I wish My conservative friends That you would actually talk About what the plans are As it looks to me Like a population cull Done on the sly With conviction, vindiction And a lot of contradiction As if you don’t really mean it As if you’ve not really thought it all through Please tell me there’s a plan That does not involve The old bones freezing, kids starving, And the disabled dying?

Cuts that kill And desperation Writ on the walls By those who’ve gone Beyond crying

Please tell me you don’t want Us all dead, crippled or silenced?

I ask but you remain quiet Ignoring my pleas to be educated To your dreams and aspirations And I remember that Tory Means thief in the old sense In a real senseless sense And I wonder at your sense And ask for justifications

Strong and stable is only As strong as a nations Foundations Build them for the people Not of the bone and blood Of the people Because those foundations slide In their own decay.

And I will protest And Protect Come what May.

Posted: Wednesday, June 7th, 2017 @ 1:29 pm
Categories: Political.
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