This is the moment when the clouds that had glowed so fantastically tangerine
Have faded to lead, pinning the once brilliant sky into dread certainty

The moment when the chips that had been so fine and smoothly hot
Are soggy cold and taste of stale fat

We look at each other pondering a kiss to reawaken the splendor of the night
But the fizzy beverages consumed with taste bud exploding goodness
Repeat themselves, and one of us emits an unattractive belch

Sensation is muted and any sex had would be flat or painful
And yet within these moments the remembrance of glory is enough

Moments shift and move
And now the leaden dead sky gives birth to a florid blue studded with ice gems
Tangled grey ribbons fluoresce
Moonbows show delicate colours at their rims

Posted: Thursday, June 24th, 2010 @ 12:45 pm
Categories: Poems.
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