The Secret of Strawberries

Sweet, not cloying like chocolate
Skin scaly smooth
Seeds crunch, insect carapaces
Juices tinging the end of the tongue
Tart, hurting pleasure
Ice fire benieth the ears
Large read and heart shaped
Waiting to ensnare
Lighter at the core
Soft and succulent
A summer treat
Coaxed to a sad perfection
Over priced
Engorged and watery
Insipid and artificial
For the races
For the hotels
For Pimms with ice and Mint
But as nothing
To raggamuffin anciestor
Nestled in the hedgerow
Smaller than a finger tip
Mostly ghostly white
For those who know
The secrets of the strawberry

Posted: Tuesday, November 11th, 2014 @ 8:02 pm
Categories: Poems.
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