The Mask of History

The Mask of History
Is thick and sweet
Sugar coated massacre
Covering up injustice
Offering the simplistic stylised view

It is a mask of deception
A mask of power and lies
It is the war cry Remember
And the Amnestist pledge

The Mask of History
Is carved from human pain
Formed by arrogance
And the whims of those drunk
With power

It is the mask of tyranny
A mask of hope
It is the radicals of freedom
And the chaos of order

The Mask of History
Is a fragmented ghost
Of stories told untrue
A way to summarise events
Too complex
It is narrative to life

It is a mask that doesn’t work
A mask to hide the scars
It is the wounding implament
And the bandage that binds

The Mask of History
Shows us heros and cowards
Lets us see
Movements of troops
Without the tears
In their eyes or
the smell of rotting flesh

It is the mask of simplicity
A mask to stop feeling
It is without emotion
Our emotional sync

The Mask of History
Remember it well
Look through the statistics
To the people who live
Scared, hungry, dying, enslaved

But then stand back
Put on the The Mask of History
See the trends aline
Make decisions wisely
A mask has wholes
Through those wholes lurks the eyes
Of our triumphs
Our desastors
All the things that makes us this
Strange creature of humanity

From it we should learn
Destruction of self
Should lay deader than the memory
Of valour and metallic twang
Blood of the multitude
Churned into mud
Charred to black ruin
Left in pestilence to die

Remember, learn
Look through the lies
People, humanity
Strive a new
Or perish darkly

Posted: Wednesday, November 21st, 2018 @ 10:08 am
Categories: Poems, Political.
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