At the beginning we were like snow flakes

Elegant and bueatiful

Slowely drifting through the sky

We landed on the ground

Blanketing all in pure white

Rainbows glinted off of us

But then we lay and they trod upon is

Changing us into dirty slush

Dangerous, slippery

A trap for the unweary

Icicles grew and punctured us

Bleeding out the joy

Drops fell from us

What was once apart of us

Compounded, compacted

We became transparent

All that had been bauetiful and intrinsic

Turned to a refracted invisibility

Yet warm hearts lurked benieth

A hard ician shell – to a delicate world

We still survived

Until the pressure of each blow

Growing nearer the middle

Then we cracked and we splintered

Fractured beyond repair

Moving apart

Leaving an abyss of darkness

Blistering cold to the skin

We no longer touched

Just drifted away

To melt alone

On seperate distant shores

Posted: Thursday, May 6th, 2010 @ 8:07 pm
Categories: Poems.
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