Song Lists

Childrens’ songs:

  1. Splish Splosh Splat (Children’s)
  2. My Lovely Babies (Children’s)
  3. Lullabye (Childrens and in my Little Book of New Baby Poetry)
  4. Icky Sticky Mud (Childrens)
  5. Row Your Boat (What Do You See on the Stream) – Childrens
  6. Mummy I’ve Got a Grumpy Face (Children’s)
  7. Sun is Shining (Children’s – longer version of this)
  8. Driving Along (Children’s)
  9. I Saw Three Bunnies (childrens)
  10. The Getting Ready Song (2 hands 2 feet) – Childrens


  1. My Bones Are a Battle Field (Adaption from a song I wrote at 15)
  2. The Merry Intwined (Adaption of a song I wrote at 17)
  3. Hey You! (Adaption of another teen song sorry guys!)
  4. Don’t Get in a Jam Honey! (yep another teen song by me)
  5. Incomprehensible Me
  6. My Reflection
  7. Little Ghost
  8. A Serpent Feathered White
  9. A Love Song of the Gutter
  10. Bubble of Bone
  11. Strange Little Girl
  12. Lost Little Ones (Bleeding Out the Joy)
  13. Ivy and Mistletoe
  14. Flowing
  15. Stung to Numbness
  16. I Knew a Boy (already on youtube though there is some out of synchness going on :/)
  17. Firey Retribution
  18. We Are the Warrior Geeks
  19. The Illiad (this one is not complete but then will take years – I started it as a teen and it the whole of the Illiad as a series of songs that meld together)
  20. Angry River

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  1. Snell-Pym » Nerves and Guitar Says:

    […] I live near Cheltenham and that town has some very good poetry nights etc… so Friday saw be going along to Slak Bar to an open mic at Earshot (probably my favourite poetry night). But this time it was opened up so that the open mic included acoustic so I thought I’d take my guitar and play one of the songs I worked on last month. […]

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