I’m Not A Yummy Mummy

I am not a Yummy Mummy
I find the concept funny
My baby is NOT a fashion accessory
And not simply cos I don’t have the money

I am not a Shut Up And Watch TV Mummy
I try not to junk fill the tummy
My kids are not disregarded so I can party
Or dress up tarty

I am not an Eyes On The Prize Mummy
I’ve got a part in a movie SURRIZE! Mummy
A push and preen and pimp your kid Mummy

I’m not an Earth Mother Mummy
Making the kids eat whole foods and organic honey

I’m not an Ultra Thin Lets Go To The Gym Mummy

No I’m none of these

I’m an Urg! I’m tired and the kids are wired Mummy
A I’ve grown the veg, dug it but forgot it and burnt it Mummy
A lets go to Macky Dees so they can get to sleep Mummy

I’m a lets do homework and go to the park Mummy
An eek! opps! don’t worry about the mud Mummy
I’m a we don’t have a TV Mummy
So lets watch DVDs Mummy

A lets snuggle and read a story Mummy
But you’ve annoyed me so now I’m a shouty Mummy

I’m a scatty forget to make the lunch Mummy
A the washings ups not done cos playings to much fun Mummy

I’m a do your best and Oh WOW you won a prize Mummy
You didn’t? Never mind now don’t cry honey!

I’ a doughnut munching,
crisp crunching
but its ok
cos they’re homebakes
and it’s a Friday Mummy
A muddling through
A home bake mistakes
I’ve burnt the cakes Mummy!

A just surviving but that’s ok
Cos you know what?
I’m always a cuddly, snuggly

Posted: Monday, March 7th, 2016 @ 8:20 am
Categories: Poems.
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