New Year Poetry Me

Things I want to achieve this year:

1) Get The Little Book of Festive Poetry released in print, audio and e-book

2) Do the same for The Little Book of Olympic Poetry but before the Olympics actually start

3) Do poetry challenges: – Month of Poetry (Jan) MoP – World Poetry Writing Month (Feb) WoPo – National Poetry Writing Month (April) NaPo – National Poetry Day UK – Slam the Atom

4) Take the poetry dragon to more schools and festivals

5) Finish making the poetry bees and their tree

6) Finish the gamma test on the Monster Writing Game to use for workshops

7) Sort out the poetry section of my site to be The Glass Pelvis

8) Finish the publication of Turquoise Monster: A Poetry Collection

9) Go through all note books and type up and edit poems that are lurking

10) Create a Science and Technology Collection

And of course I will be reading at as many events as I can get to!

Posted: Thursday, January 5th, 2012 @ 3:03 pm
Categories: Festivals and Events, Little Books, Poetry Collections, Science and art, WoPoWriMo, Workshops/Courses, Writing Challenges, Writing Game.
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