The Little Book Last Year

The Little Book of Festive Poetry Mk1 Stickers galour

Last year I finally scanned and began editing the poems I’d written the previous year as part of the PiBoIdMo challenge. I then printed them and the poems and glued the poems onto the pictures having an iffy laptop that wouldn’t let me do much at the time.

Jean decorating the Little Book of Festive Poetry

I then gave these and tonnes of christmas stickers to my little girl who decorated the thing within an inch of it’s life – I’d stuck the front and back covers onto green mounting card and the whole lot was whole punched so that I could tie them together with ribbon as the binding.

She really loves stickers Some colouring in Lots of excited sticker adding stickers in every nook decorating the poems Stickers on the inside

This was The Little Book of Festive Poetry Mark 1 – this year there is a Mark 2 which has involved rescanning and editing poems and working out spacings and the like and generally been far more work though is a prelude to publishing properly for next christmas!

Posted: Thursday, December 1st, 2011 @ 4:10 pm
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