No Wage Slave

I was just going to post the science poems I’d written this month but then I read these news articals:

No Wage Slave
Bayed go down the commercial drain
Human rights u-bend
Send wraith of pain
Terminally ill aint catching
Government snatching
Chiold’s under the poverty line
Finned for not being on time
Crime swine on the rise
Cries in the night of destitution
Prostitution of limb and maw
Leaving lives stretched and raw
Time sinking backwards
Hear the keening
Ghosts that fought for freedom
In and out of this United Kingdom
Sever hand that feeds jowled
Gluttonous banker
Ignored by Political

But who steps to the fore
Who gives the ROAR!
Stop think!
This policy stinks

Don’t blame the other
For running for cover
Your hand’s are stained no better
And suicide teens don’t get much deader
Youth terror
Masked error
As this economic storm is weathered

Sink swim
desperation cling
Shame filled
Pill killed

Work for no wage
The government say

I say
Stand up and be counted
Attrition is mounting

Write that damn letter to your MP
Do it electronically
Again I remind you of
They Work For You and My Society

Cos the word be mightier than the turd
Scream and rant
21st C slavery should be banned
Think you can’t change that with words
At least try
Please tell me you didn’t just ask why?

Posted: Thursday, February 16th, 2012 @ 9:49 am
Categories: Performance, Poems, Political.
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