Poetry Dragons And Dreadlock Aliens

Poetry Dragons at Rowan Fields Poetry Day

In February I ran a couple of workshops at Rowan Field Junior school – I had stuff for them to write poems for the dragons body, a poem about writing the poems for the dragons body, the Muse Monsters telling them things they should think about when writing poetry and stuff to make little dragons they could take home with them. They were also subjected to some of my children’s poems.

Fortunately I got them after assembly where they had had an encounter with the Dreadlock Alien – I could hear the enthusiasm for this poety beat dude reverberating around the school and by the time I got them, the kids where jumping up and down to write poetry.

Once again the event made it into the local newspaper though it’s only my name mentioned this time 🙂

For those of who don’t know I’m Sarah Snell-Pym, TheMonsterBlogs and Saffy on twitter.

I really enjoyed this event and am very pleased that Cheltenham Poetry Festival asked me to participate 🙂

Posted: Thursday, March 8th, 2012 @ 11:26 am
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2 Responses to “Poetry Dragons And Dreadlock Aliens”

  1. Marcus Moore Says:

    Lovely blog, Sarah

    It’s such fun doing poetry with youngsters, is it not?

    And Dreadlock is always a joy to work with: kids love him.

    Nice piece in the Echo too!

  2. admin Says:


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