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I am mainly working on Ballads of the Scientifica at the moment. I need to get it finished to send copies to people who have generously sponsored me. But more than that I have found a science open mic night called Science Show Off which seems like exactly the sort of thing I should be reading and singing these poems and songs at. The main thing holding me back is that due to the house move I currently can not find two of the poems I really want in the collection. There is a second song for recording. I need to finish the page set ups and the images which are going with it. Also some of the recordings need a little more editing or re-doing to be honest. You can listen to what is up already:

I sang my song Flowing at Wychwood Festival at an open mic night set up by a local group so I am hoping to go along to their events. I did better this time though my voice is still trying to run away when I get up to sing in public :/

July I am going to be a Poetry Installation at Asthall Manor, I’m in the programme and everything 🙂

Then of course there are the Poet Laureate of Gloucestershire finals in August for which my name has already been given to radio stations – I’m avaliable for interviews and readings 🙂

I keep meaning to enter competitions and submit to mags and things but am finding that I am just so busy I keep missing them.

Posted: Thursday, June 21st, 2012 @ 11:10 pm
Categories: Festivals and Events, Poetry Collections, Science and art, Songs.
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