The Little Book of Spoogy Poetry and GothNoWriMo

I do love my writing challenges and as such I am taking part for the third year in a novel writing challenge known as GothNoWriMo, Gothic Novel Writing Month over on Black Monster but as always I’ve added on a childrens litrature challenge as well. I started the year off doing a 12×12 picture book challenge which I have to confess to have fallen behind on – the idea was that I would do 12 picture book manuscripts for 2012 that is one a month.

So I have combined and the result is that I have decided to spend 30 hours a holloween picture book but then I thought hand on a mo The Little Book of Spoogy Poetry has been sitting in the pipe line for too long and I should focus on finishing it. I tend to cover the childrens books and illustrations over on Orange Monster](

In the past I tried to make digital art for it from scratch but it looked naff – it looked like the sort of art you get in cheap books and that is not what I wanted. It is a children’s book so needs to be vibrant and I associate kids and childhood with felttip pens so… like the original little book I made for my little girl I have started making the pictures in felt pen (with some fine liner) and digitizing them. I did this for The Little Book of New Baby Poetry I made my little girl just before our baby was born last year (this is not yet for sale as I want to re-edit some of the poems as it was put together in the last month of pregnancy!).

Ages ago as part of a poetry writing challenge I had uped the number of poems to ten but they are still not typed up!

So here goes and hopefully I will have something to show for the work at the end of the month 🙂

Posted: Thursday, October 4th, 2012 @ 8:53 am
Categories: Poems.
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