All Stars Crash and Burn

I had a great time and even founf these lovely little knit poem things on the trees and bolards around the Lit Fest but I did not get through to the finals of the Cheltenham Literature Festival All Star Slam. Infact I think I probable was the second or third lowest score.

I did the poems Race Week and Star Stuff. In hind sight having multiple poems didn’t seem to be the done thing and Star Stuff had to be read from my note book, I did have poems memorised but people were doing more serious stuff so I didn’t want to do just all my comedic stuff. The other issue I had was that the microphone kept drooping!

But I feel I did really well, I performs I Hate Race week completely from memory without rushing through it – I could have looked at the audience more though. But hey – this is me moving up in the game and I was fed up with being the best ‘performer’ at events so being the worse is a good thing 🙂 Honest!

Plus I had people coming up to me to say how much they liked my poem – about 50:50 as too which one they liked.

This year has been amazing for poetry for me and having seen those little poetry knits has got my mind spinning with some new textural poem ideas – I have made several pieces of textural science art which have recordings of poems to go with them but this would be something else again!

Posted: Thursday, October 18th, 2012 @ 10:23 pm
Categories: Performance.
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