Star Stuff

Star stuff filtered through the cosmos
Star stuff smaller than dust
Hurtling away from explosive stella deaths

Star stuff heavy metal elements of choice
Star stuff light hydrogen and helium in plasma soup
Colliding, destroying, reforming
Different atoms to be
Diffusing out from red giant expansion
Layers of reaction
Different star mechanisms for different elements
Star stuff permeating the void
Drifting away from it’s crucible bed of origin

Star stuff amalgomated clouds, a nursery shroud
Nebulea of new star birth and planetary spheres
Spinning in eccentric concentric dance

One planet of star stuff
Still pummeled by larger bits of star dust
A planet like all made of star stuff
A planet were the inorganic began to replicate
A planet were star stuff became organic
Became something more, became organised into organisms

Star stuff alive
Star stuff crawling on beaches of star dust
With elements of stella origins making up the cellular core

Star stuff walk
Star stuff talk
Star stuff refines elements from stella explosions
Ands send a rocket to the stars
Star stuff has been watching the starts since it first became aware
Now it is time for star stuff to truelly see what is out there

Posted: Thursday, November 21st, 2019 @ 10:16 am
Categories: Poems, Science and art.
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