Stroud Site Festival Slam

I will be performing in my first ever slam tomorrow Friday 25th of May 2012 at the Stroud Site Festival Slam run by Marcus Moore and Sara-Jane Arbury.

Though I have done lots of poetry readings, including performance poetry pieces and even run workshops on poetry, I am finding this a bit scary due to the need to have my poems memorised. My plan is to basically start with the best memorised poems and hope I don’t need to many!

I’ve had No Wage Slave memorised for a while now, followed by I Hate Race Week. I think I just about have Hopscotch memorised too. My friend who is hoping to come along really wants me to do my new poem ADHD is The Polymath Dream but though I have most of this 4 and a half minute poem memorised I am having trouble keeping the chunks in order so am not confident about it at all.

I’m being told it isn’t much different from when I had lines to learn for plays and things but I feel it is as I tended to only have a few lines at a time and other people to act as prompts around me.

Anyway we shall see 🙂

I believe tickets are £5 if anyone feels like popping by 🙂

Posted: Thursday, May 24th, 2012 @ 11:13 am
Categories: Festivals and Events, Performance.
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