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Natural Biotech

Friday, September 21st, 2018

Natural biotech Copying self imperfections Selections for adaption Mistakes accumulating Differentiation Into the new Greasy pockets of salt rich water Collaborate Mutulism of self to movement Metabolism, melding together New combinations Preventing stagnation Till thought of all this Over rides the need to repeat and copy and make mistakes And the molecules of the nano […]

Star Stuff

Friday, September 7th, 2018

Star stuff filtered through the cosmos Star stuff smaller than dust hurtling away from explosive stella deaths Star stuff heavy metal elements of choice Star stuff light hydrogen and helium in plasma soup Colliding destroying reforming different atoms to be Diffusing out from red giant expansion Layers of reaction Different star mechenisms for different elements […]

Pico Con

Thursday, January 21st, 2016

On the 20th of February we will be at Pico-con, a little micro (or pico) convention for sci-fi, fantasy etc… it is organised by the scifi library at Imperial College which is where I did my undergraduate studies. I am quiet excited about returning Especially to pico con last time I went I was using […]

Bristol Bizar Pop Up Shop

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

I am going to be taking part in the Market Under the Moon/Bristol Bizar’s Christmas Pop Up Shop at the Island in Bristol. I believe it is the old police station. It’s above an art gallery and will be there for 2 weeks. I’m taking poetry as well as craft things Poetry wise there will […]

Space Poetry

Thursday, November 12th, 2015

Friday 20th November Cheltenham The Strand 40-42 High St, Cheltenham GL50 1EE, I think it is like £5 to get in. This is a poetry event run by the Quiet Compere to coincide with the Medicine Unboxed conference that happens each year in Cheltenham. I have very kindly been asked to perform! I am quiet […]


Sunday, September 21st, 2014

In a puddle patterns are repeating In the stars the patterns are completing Gravity in waves are meeting Patterns over awed and far too fleeting

Onward to the Edge

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

A code within a code A mystery that is never solved It is the universe that unfolds Showing shadows of worlds untold And so we look, and so we find Questions to answer another time

Cluster Fuck

Monday, February 10th, 2014

Dark cluster fuck Bright emerald dream The flip flop of current Blink, never reopened Amber warning, red Snark

Geek Street

Sunday, January 12th, 2014

Geek street feel the beat Of fingers tapping not the feet Geek street Where programmers meet Turn out coding neat Even when some still use l33t spk That algorithm needs a tweak Seek the answers on Geek Street Better than star fleet Is completing the feet of debugging by the pants of your seat The […]

Me Bucky Balls and All

Sunday, July 14th, 2013

Thursday the 12th of July last year saw me at the Grain Barge performing geek poetry, throwing knitting and inflicting my sense of humour on people. It took me a while to remember to post it! But it was an epic night and I did pop it up on my personal blog before but thought […]