Turquoise Monsters First Poetry Collection

I have decided that it is time to put together a poetry collection – it will contain 50 poems from this blog. It will be the first 50 minus the poems that I consider just for children so mainly the Little Books of Poetry.

It will be avalable as an e-book, a printed leaflet and a booklet with handmade cover – I haven’t run the costings of this yet though so can not give you any prices but I doubt it will be very much to be honest!

Here are the Poems that are going into it 🙂

1) A Picture of Words
2) The Maiden’s Dream
3) Chaos
4) Dyslexic Thinking and the Origin of Thought
5) Galactic Death Throes
6) Hopscotch
7) The Programmer’s Lament
8) Xmas Shopping
9) The Echo
10) The Baby Wocky
11) Flame/Candle
12) Seeds
13) Ingredients
14) Mixing things up!
15) Which Direction?
16) Neptune is Bound
17) Spirits of Trees
18) Small Showers
19) Cataracts
20) Scandal Vanished
21) Balance
22) Clothed
23) Fairy Tale
24) Inspiring Weather
25) Companionship
26) First time Camping
27) The Date
28) City Walk
29) A childs story
30) Dark Geometry
31) The Bust
32) Fantasy Worlds
33) The Thermodynamics of Coffee
34) These Treasures or as the mundane call them Sweet Wrappers
35) Occassions
36) Two Tudors – Sisters
37) Texture
38) Sunday’s Moon
39) The Music
40) Sudden
41) Debill – A Protest Poem
42) Discordant Pattern
43) Solitary Reflections
44) Solitary Reflections
45) My Ensuing Death
46) Beginning
47) Lemons
48) A Case for the GMC
49) Ice
50) Enunciating Sound Bites

I have also omitted the visual poems for this collection. Solitary reflections contains two poems which is why it appears twice in the list!

Posted: Thursday, September 9th, 2010 @ 8:02 pm
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